Image of Manfred G Von Nostitz, Director of Conflow Power Group

Manfred G von Nostitz

Director, Conflow Power Group

Ex-Canadian Ambassador to Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan and Myanmar. As a senior Canadian government official in Ottawa specialising in Intelligence and Asian affairs. Following government service, he has 23 years of business and banking experience in Asia. Resident in Malaysia, he has an Arts and Science Hon. B.A. and M.A. from the University of Toronto.

Formerly the VP of Shanghai based Profound Automotive in Southeast Asia and Principal Advisor to the Malaysian Southern Bank Group, he has specialized in corporate acquisitions, trademark protection, technology transfers, investor relations and merger implementation.

In Canada he is a Board Director of e-Play Digital, a sports media company. In the U.S. Asia Pacific Director of an agricultural company ONIT Sciences. In Malaysia, he is President of VAG Communications Sdn Bhd and a member of the NEM Foundation specialising in blockchain solutions. In Thailand he is the Advisor to the Industrial conglomerate the PM Group.

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