Smart streetlight

Your town or city wastes a huge amount of energy powering thousands of streetlights every night, even when nobody is using them. The Digital Smart Streetlight solves this issue, while providing numerous additional benefits to public safety.

Limitless Offgrid lighting

Technology packed streetlighting - the smartest of smart lighting products.

Drone Guidance System (DGS) and charging pads

Smart Streetlights are ready for the future of delivery services and other commercial drone uses. Drone Guidance Systems help drones negotiate complex spaces, while built-in charging pads extend the usable range of drone delivery.

Real-Time Safety and Air Quality Monitoring

In an urban space air quality monitoring lets you give faster and more accurate smog warnings, and can protect workers in an industrial environment from harmful airborne chemicals.

Intelligent Automatic Lighting

Smart Streetlights monitor light and visibility levels, only turning on if the light is needed. This reduces wasted power costs and increases the streetlight’s lifespan.

The RetroFitter

The purpose built pole cutting, Conflow Smartlight retrofitting machine can be operated by one person, and fully retrofit an existing light with smart lighting technology, adjusting to a range of diameters and heights.

Our Streetlighting Technologies

The Conflow Power Group has aggregated an adaptable set of complementary technologies which are featured in our street lighting.

Conflow Technologies

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The ConFlow Group are building further strategic partnerships in: Transportation, lighting, energy, medical and communications.
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