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The Conflow Power Group has aggregated an adaptable set of complementary technologies, working across multiple sectors following the success of our modular street lighting.

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Illustration of the Conflow Power logo, showing CPG's tech capabilities in sensors, energy and battery as well as AI and monitoring

Technology For Power

Conflow Power aggregates technology that compliments or generates power, applying this technology to products we develop in key areas where we can make a difference.

Illustration showing a smart city using CPG technologies

Smart Cities

Through our flagship iLamp streetlighting we put our technologies to work enabling smart city features including wireless connectivity, EV charging and payment processing, public safety features including gunshot, fire, and gas leak detection, as well as 360 vision, traffic and parking management.

Autonomous Power

By combining enhanced solar, battery and generator technologies with autonomous local infrastructure and effective power management, storage and delivery we create highly scalable solutions that secure lower energy costs to end users, while offering the security of local, clean energy production.

Illustration showing CPG's Autonomous Power technologies, from enhanced solar, to battery, to generator, to turbine
Illustration showing CPG's Power as a service payment and monitoring technologies

Power as a Service

Efficient, decentralised energy payments, with smart monitoring, exact charging, and precise billing. Using our communications technologies and blockchain to bring a world first for Redistributed Generation. Power as a Service is a new model for the way that electrical service is delivered.

Global Licensing

Conflow Power license our technologies all over the world, leveraging our partnerships to rapidly scale and roll out globally sourced and designed, locally made power and technology solutions.

Pre-licensing Stage

South Korea | Report Available
United Arab Emirates | Report Available
Nigeria | Report Available

Licensing Agreed

Myanmar (Burma)

United States

Conflow Partnerships

The Conflow Power Group are building further strategic partnerships in: Transportation, lighting, energy, medical and communications. To learn more please click on the relevant industry.

Our Leadership

Conflows team draw on a wealth of experience in the energy, finance and energy sectors.

Image of Edward Fitzpatrick, Director of Conflow Power Group

Edward Fitzpatrick


Edward brings a wealth of experience to the role, the founder of eight private equity firms that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in various businesses across a broad range of industries.

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Image of Joseph Cleveland, Head of Operations at Conflow Power Group

Joseph Cleveland

Head of Operations

Calling on his background in engineering and electronics. Joseph, a former Bosch employee, coordinates and oversees the team working on the implementation of Conflow technologies.

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Image of Manfred G Von Nostitz, Director of Conflow Power Group

Manfred G von Nostitz


Following serving as the Canadian Ambassador to multiple Asian countries, Manfred sits on several boards, and now brings his over 23 years of business and banking experience to Conflow.

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Image of Christopher Bonvini, Director of Conflow Power Group

Christopher Bonvini


A former executive of The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS Group, Christopher has over 21 years of experience in company structure, private placements, documentation and funding.

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