Sunday, October 25, 2020

Conflow and 4D Vision Light Joint Venture

ILOCX is pleased to announce the listing of U.S. based 4D Vision Light, a division of Solar Innovator 4D Vision on its platform, and the signing of a key Joint venture with ConFlow Power Group, facilitated by ILOCX, with both companies listed on the platform.

4D Vision Light is offering the first round of 25,000 licenses at $20.00 per license in exchange for 10% of their revenue paid as a royalty to the license holders pool. All buyers are required to promote 4D Vision on social media or by other means to qualify for royalties, creating a unique collaborative approach with their innovative solar product.

As part of the technology stack that ConFlow is assembling for its smart streetlights, 4D Vision is adding additional power generating capability and storage capacity, all within the footprint of conventional solar lights. This innovative design provides more scope for 360-degree light splay and can be adapted to become a safe housing for drones while recharging or just parking on top of the light pole. This provides cover for bad weather and the perfect home for Drone Ready status.

The Joint Venture has been signed on the heels of the successful demonstration of the 4D prototype unveiled to the ConFlow team last month.

Jonathan Jacques, president and 4D Vision founder said: “We have been working closely with ILOCX and ConFlow for many months to bring this Joint Venture to life. We are thrilled and energized to be here now as we begin our Joint Venture with ConFlow with an initial commercial installation envisaged early next year. Our Joint Venture aligns perfectly with our business mission to advance renewable, sustainable green energy generation and technology for worldwide applications with the potential to incorporate our technology within a significant portion of the USA solar streetlight market through ConFlow’s recent $50,000,000 USA License sale.”

4D Vision is the creator of the patented Pyramid Wall System supported by a team of industry experts in the field of solar, physics, chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering as well as thermoforming, robotics and 3D printing, providing a combination of skills required by ConFlow to enhance the smart streetlight pole as a winning combination in the market place.

John Zaino, VP Business Development and Marketing added: “We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with a company of such calibre, reputation and global reach as ConFlow, via the ILOCX platform. The global street lighting market is a multi-billion-dollar industry. By joining forces with ConFlow, we are able to integrate our innovative solar technology and drone charging capabilities with ConFlow’s world-class off-grid smart street poles.”

Amnon Hamami, VP of Products and Operations commented: “This Joint Venture will offer customers a solution for a broad range of applications within the off-grid streetlight pole sector. These combined strategies, products, and global reach will bring both companies to the forefront of the marketplace. The Joint Venture combines an impressive research and development team that includes a world-class set of engineers and product developers, and thus will be well-positioned to remain at the cutting edge of innovation within a dynamic industry.”

ConFlow has just entered the USA with a strong team to ensure the technology is the best in field with a matching knowledge base. Speaking from ConFlow’s head office in London, Chris Bonvini Head of Acquisitions and Mergers said: “We were all very impressed as the 4D team gave us a live demo, via Zoom, of the first prototype streetlight pole. This was a landmark moment and I would like to welcome 4D Vision to ConFlow as we become one and a focused team with a single objective.”

You can see a visual demonstration of the 4D vision at and visit the ILOCX listing page at

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About 4D Vision Light

4D Vision was founded to develop revolutionary green power solutions tackling the biggest challenges in renewable energy. The company is developing the next generation of solar power arrays in the form of a patented Pyramid Wall System.

The Pyramid Wall System uses an inverse pyramid structure instead of flat panels. As a result, it is at least 2.5 to 3.5 times more efficient than current solar panel designs. Pyramid solar arrays have a smaller footprint and can be integrated into a wider range of technologies, such as our Solar Street Lighting project being developed under 4D Vision’s lighting division, 4D Vision Light, LLC.

About ConFlow Power

ConFlow Power Group is a Power Tech aggregator focusing initially on the street lighting sector, including security and the drone marketplace. ConFlow has achieved many significant advancements in the past 18 months, making its street pole into a smart real estate model where every inch of the pole has the potential making money from a variety of partners. ConFlow’s Street Pole houses intelligent lighting, on and off grid options, high resolution cameras and audio, number plate recognition, WIFI, weather sensors, battery management systems and a payment gateway. In its latest development it has prototyped a drone guidance and landing system to allow drones to safely land, park, run diagnostics, re-charge their batteries and download data. ConFlow is also innovating with the hardware required to retrofit existing streetlight poles by developing its very own IP in theRetrofitter. To understand more visit

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