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ILOCX brings together two emerging tech giants in the electric power sector to apply in the field testing for a new wave of power technology

LONDON, Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ConFlow Power is pleased to confirm it has closed the acquisition of the BatteryWare technology from Apollo Research Labs in Gibraltar.

The battery testing technology will be rebranded BatteryWare under a new wholly owned subsidiary of E-Getx Limited and will be exclusively used for the first in the field tests of the ConFlow Power Device to be conducted during the 1st quarter of 2020.

BatteryWare is unique. It is the only affordable tech option on the market today that brings data directly from the battery or power source in real time and whilst under stress in everyday use. BatteryWare is weartech for large electrically powered devices. Originally designed for batteries, it is now being adapted to test for various factors unique to the ConFlow Power Device such as recharge rates and battery life, and speed and flow of power whilst in use. BatteryWare will record variants of an electric car that users apply whilst actually driving.

The first tests will be conducted on a Tesla battery unit acquired by the new development team at BatteryWare.

Edward Fitzpatrick said, “I’m pleased ILOCX can once again bring technology together and advance companies faster by adapting existing tech to new markets and create multi layered licensing structures that work for all stakeholders.”

BatteryWare has taken a very different approach to battery testing. It is a low cost ‘onboard’ testing device, which is connected to multiple data communication channels. It gives rise to a huge departure from other traditional methods of intensive ‘in-lab’ testing procedures. BatteryWare adopts a policy of 10% lab and 90% in-field testing, producing live, pure, data-driven results for the new generation of battery/generator testing technology.

The testing technology allows for a cost-effective device to be worn by the battery whilst the battery is in use in the field. The data that the BatteryWare tech transmits back is both factual, instant, comparative, and impeccable in its validity.

BatteryWare has three different products to offer the market. The Imperial e is the basic version. Its low cost means it can be deployed in every single battery-driven automobile in the world at less than the cost of a floor mat. The data is downloaded at service points in the dealership including base level battery usage, stress, depletion and recharge, life span expectations, and damage signal points. The next mid-range product (still in development) is the BW Operational Protection (BWOP). This is a plug and play version of the Imperial e with a projection measurement for battery safety. This product will be for use only on the ConFlow device. Finally, The Perfect White Box is the ultimate version. It is a factory fitted module, fully automated, hosting a constant output for multi-point data collection and delivery in real time with AI applications and data analysis software as standard.

About BatteryWare

The world’s only fully compressive AI driven battery testing device that tests batteries as they are used in the field and transmits the data in real time.

The combination of elements which make up the technology have been in development since 2011. BatteryWare has created a significant intellectual property (IP) catalogue for, testing, transmitting and analysing vital in the field data for the future improvement and efficiency of battery technology.

BatteryWare tests key data points of a battery’s life in the field whilst under stress. It transmits that data to the laboratory, where it is analysed for all factors useful for future development and enhancement of the power source, whether that is a battery, a capacitor, or a combination of both. This creates a real time picture to understand precisely what it is that causes battery life erosion and shortening. BatteryWare also looks for loss of power and reliance as well as device recharging events and their consequences.

BatteryWare also detects safety issues, tampering, ambient and internal temperature, real GPS monitoring, maintenance and a number of other factors reserved for the consumption of our clients.

BatteryWare has three different types of battery testing apparatus. See the website for more information at

About ConFlow Power

ConFlow Power was acquired this year for an undisclosed sum by E-Getx Limited in London, England. This transaction was underwritten by ILOCX Limited, who became a significant shareholder as part of the transaction. ConFlow Power is developing a renewable generator using a combination of Nano technology and Nano film, coupled with natural gases in the atmosphere, to create a totally self-renewing power source, hence the name ConFlow for a ‘Continuous Flow’. ConFlow Power looks like a battery and acts like a battery but is in fact a combination of an on-board generator and a capacitor, performing similarly to a battery or electric power source. The ConFlow Power Device can be used in a multitude of sectors, including electronics, automobiles, computing, and mobile communications. It also has heavy industrial capabilities and applications that stretch into many, if not all, landscapes. ConFlow Power has adopted a strategy to use GCLs (Global Conditional Licensing). Global licenses will be issued under regional and sector conditions to enhance speed to market and create a mass footprint for global manufacturing.


ILOCX is the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange, a platform where innovative companies can list License Offerings. Buyers of these licenses agree to participate in the company’s growth by promoting them on social media all the way to becoming an affiliate. ILOs are a truly Collaborative Capital partnership blending a Collaborative Marketing concept that reaches more people than is possible under any other method. Unique marketing campaigns are generated by 1000s of ILOers that by nature must reach more niche groups, as they themselves are niche. The ILO structure, created by ILOCX, completely bridges the gap between Capital and Company. There is no one else involved. ILOs are licensing contracts that permit the ILOer to promote the company’s approved information to a wide audience for the purpose of perpetuating sales. This system drives sales revenue and then rewards it on both sides. ILOers get a percentage of the company’s gross revenue, similar to a commission, for their promoting activity. This lasts for a 3-year term, after which the company elects to either roll the license again, buy it back, or convert it to equity in the case of a stock market listing.

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