Tuesday, October 6, 2020


ConFlow launched its Initial License Offer last year on the ILOCX at $20.00 per license. They proceeded to land one territorial license sale after another and the group paid a first royalty of $6.00 per license to all license holders in January this year. This resulted in a price climb to $60.00 per license. Since then, significant news and major achievements have seen the price rise to the mid 70-dollar range and finally, on the news of its license sale in the USA, ConFlow launched a Secondary License Offer at $95.00.

Today the board of directors have requested to split the $95.00 ILO units into ten units per one unit issued. This means all license holders at today’s date will see 10 times more licenses in their accounts at the price of $9.50.

This decision is made based on activity in the secondary trading of the units. With limited units in issue it restricted the flow demanded by the market on the ILOCX trading platform.

There will now be 3,300,000 units in issue after all secondary units are sold.

This does not affect any royalty already paid or due in the next royalty cycle, expected January 2021. ConFlow Power Group is paying 10% of its gross revenue to the license holders as per the offer here on the ILOCX https://ilocx.com/exilo/conflow-power/

About ConFlow Power

ConFlow Power Group is a Power Tech aggregator focusing initially on the street lighting sector, including security and the drone market place. ConFlow has achieved many significant advancements in the past 18 months, making its street pole into a smart real estate model where every inch of the pole is making money from a variety of partners. ConFlow’s Street Pole houses intelligent lighting, on and off grid options, high resolution cameras and audio, number plate recognition, WIFI, weather sensors, battery management systems and a payment gateway. In its latest development it has prototyped a drone guidance and landing system to allow drones to safely land, park, run diagnostics, re-charge its battery and download data. ConFlow is also innovating in the hardware required to retrofit poles on mass by developing its very own IP in theRetrofitter. To understand more visit www.ConFlowPower.com For American opportunities visit www.ConFlowAmerica.com For South East Asia visit www.ConFlowAsia.com and for Canadian opportunities visit www.ConFlowCanada.com


ILOCX is the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange, a platform where innovative companies can list License Offers. Buyers of these licenses agree to participate in the company’s growth by promoting them on social media all the way to becoming an affiliate. ILOs are a truly collaborative partnership, blending a collaborative marketing concept that reaches more people than is possible under any other method. Unique marketing campaigns are generated by 1000s of ILOers that by nature must reach more niche groups, as they themselves are niche. The ILO structure, created by ILOCX, is created to bridge fair, fast and secure trade between innovative companies and supporters and promoters of those companies. ILOCX has strict rules about company fundamentals and licence valuations. The entire eco system is based on a combination of revenue and the resulting royalty payment capping the trading price based on secured revenue and not projected revenue. ILOs are issued for a period of 3 years and companies can at that time roll the license again based on new terms, or buy it back for cash at the trading price when elected. For more information please visit ILOCX.com and read the terms and conditions.

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