Monday, November 11, 2019


ILOCX is very pleased to confirm another major licensing deal for ConFlow Power

As part of the key strategy to expand a global reach via a network of partners, ConFlow Power has agreed upon terms with Idea Capital to act as main distributor and master license holder for the ConFlow product range to include the Battery/Ware technology recently acquired by ConFlow.

Idea Capital is an experienced group of creative thinkers using new and refreshing methods to impact humanity, create jobs, stimulate economies, and help save our environment. As a large team of seasoned experts, they identify new technologies, integrate them into business, and find the right products to support the most customers possible. Idea Capital has formed ConFlow Power Canada Corp. to collaborate with the UK parent company. ConFlow Canada will identify, develop, test, and market ConFlow Power’s unique generator, as well as key Battery/Ware products and services throughout Canada and France.

“Battery/Ware and ConFlow Power are two very important technologies that will dramatically impact the way people utilize power while reducing the impact on the environment. We are incredibly excited and appreciative to be working closely with ConFlow Power UK, and look forward to supporting the overall growth and success,” said Richard Harris, President, ConFlow Power Canada Inc.

Richard Harris CEO of ConFlow Canada has been working in a variety of roles for over forty years impacting the lives of thousands, having a rippling effect to millions. Growing up in the oil and gas business, evolving into technology since the 80’s, consulting to hundreds of major companies, and holding positions from President, CEO and Chairman of the Board have all added to his extensive business knowledge.

He has consulted with many different North American companies and trained over 10,000 sales professionals. Richard is co-founder and major influencer in a private Canadian company called Idea Capital that focuses on supporting companies and technologies that impact people globally.

The master license arrangement will allow ConFlow Canada to expand a countrywide footprint which represents a huge marketplace. Having just spent a week in London finalising the transaction whilst undertaking their tests and due diligence on the device and entire roll-out strategy, the ConFlow Canada team have all expressed extreme excitement. During the visit they already introduced a number of potential partners and ideas to assist in the expansion. To this end, ConFlow Canada also agreed to take an additional territorial license for France due to the large number of automobile manufacturers located there and after demonstrating very key and substantial relationships they have. This will bring a faster route to market, especially in regard to the Battery/Ware offering.

Edward Fitzpatrick ILOCX CEO said, ” We have developed a very strong, brave, and ambitious strategy to enable a fast and efficient expansion of a technology that is not fully developed or tested. The challenges we have in the ConFlow device are as unique as the technology itself. To combat the lack of testing equipment fit for purpose in a device like ConFlow, we collaborated again, and structured the fantastic acquisition of Battery/Ware. This transaction alone brings a very strong element to the table as well as hedging company activities with a stable route to market. We will be gathering vital data in a new and innovative way on the entire market of battery-powered vehicles, as well as street lamps, electronic devices, and other major market sectors that will see ConFlow not only as an innovator for power, but a superior data analytical company, ensuring we truly have a finger on the pulse of the electric revolution.” He added, “The team from Idea Capital immediately saw this and added to it, bringing experience, contacts, and knowledge to the strategy. This was when we knew we had a great partner and great master licensing deal.”

Idea Capital acquired the license in a multi-million-pound transaction and are now the exclusive partner for these two regions.


ILOCX is the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange, a platform where innovative companies can list License Offerings. Buyers of these licenses agree to participate in the company’s growth by promoting them on social media all the way to becoming an affiliate. ILOs are a truly Collaborative Capital partnership blending a Collaborative Marketing concept that reaches more people than is possible under any other method. Unique marketing campaigns are generated by 1000s of ILOers that by nature must reach more niche groups, as they themselves are niche. The ILO structure, created by ILOCX, completely bridges the gap between Capital and Company. There is no one else involved. ILOs are licensing contracts that permit the ILOer to promote the company’s approved information to a wide audience for the purpose of perpetuating sales. This system drives sales revenue and then rewards it on both sides. ILOers get a percentage of the company’s gross revenue, similar to a commission, for their promoting activity. This lasts for a 3-year term, after which the company elects to either roll the license again, buy it back, or convert it to equity in the case of a stock market listing



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