Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Conflow is pleased to announce its new focus will be in the lighting sector. This focus allows a multi-faceted strategy for fast-paced growth and cost-effective testing for its devices and intellectual property in international markets.

ConFlow Power has spent the past five months preparing partners and combining technology to launch a lighting division for streetlights, servicing both the public and private sector in small and large-scale projects.

There are now over a dozen live projects in which ConFlow has been asked to participate or take the lead.

ConFlow has been advancing its Battery/Ware device and streamlining the Power as a Service (PaaS) technology to fit all components into the newly designed streetlights. These have been constructed in collaboration with its many international partners.

ConFlow’s lighting division allows revenue to flow into the company while it tests multiple different, and in some cases, competitive devices in the field.

The alternative power sector is fraught with developmental blockages and protracted  research.  Whereas ConFlow has not been immune to these challenges, it has found an innovative way to fund this research and development while keeping its focus on revenue.

All newly developed devices will be housed into the streetlights and installed in multiple locations around the world under profitable streetlight contracts as well as pure testing arrangements.  This allows data to accumulate, revenue to flow and errors and failures to be made in the field, while not interrupting the constant flow of light from the streetlights. This consistency is ensured by using multiple options as the primary source of power alongside a lithium Ion battery pack and the growing family of ConFlow devices.

This initiative achieves the following factors at the same time:

  1. ConFlow Lighting makes revenue from the streetlight installation
  2. ConFlow charges for the power top-up using the PaaS device
  3. ConFlow gathers data from multiple power sources (using Battery/Ware)
  4. ConFlow gets in-field data which it will own
  5. ConFlow targets tender specification status in large scale developments
  6. ConFlow adapts and adds new technology as it becomes available.  This includes experimenting with 5G cellular towers which is proving to be cost-effective and fast to install
  7. ConFlow gains a track record for providing a continuous flow of light via the streetlight. This paves the way for the future of smart lighting and smart cities
  8. ConFlow enlists the assistance of all its current geographical license holders who are participating in this strategy
  9. ConFlow gets to be the first to install large scale schemes where the grid is the backup power source
  10. ConFlow can start to predict its next royalty payment to ILO holders based on contractual revenue in these innovative projects.

Edward Fitzpatrick, CEO of ILOCX and Director of E-Getx, said, “ConFlow is a pure innovator now, not just because it is combining many devices and technologies to create innovative products that will lead in smart city developments, but also in the approach to demanding revenue whist conducting in-field testing. This is new and very creative, owning the resulting data is the icing on the top.”

He added, “The Company is set for a strong year ahead. Even with the current market pressures and global shutdowns, ConFlow has shown resilience and creativity. Where installations have experienced delays because of the global pandemic of COVID-19, these are inevitable and the plans will go ahead as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.”

For more information go to www.ConFlowPower.com


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