Wednesday, August 14, 2019


ConFlow Power is pleased to announce the new developer portal is now open on its website at

As part of the Phase One mass-rollout strategy for the first wave of ConFlow Generators the company is creating a detailed developer pack for all sectors where the ConFlow generator will be best suited.

The portal opened today will allow any battery or tech developer to register for the kit detailing all battery types included in Phase One.

This process will result in the issuance of non-exclusive licenses for these battery types. These licenses will be conditional, based on, device, sector and location in the first versions.

ConFlow is now developing an API to support this process. This will allow all approved developers to download the protocol, complete all tasks and obtain a unique product code, all hosted on a distributed ledger. This will result in the creation of a 3D file which will allow ConFlow to print the casing insert the Nano film and test it. Once tested and approved the system will generate a purchase order and schedule the build of the Nano Film for the target device. This creates a fast development protocol. Its efficiency matches the clean efficient use of readily available energy to harvest power inside the ConFlow tech, ConFlow will use the readily available and established protocols for fast and efficient manufacturing cycles.

As part of the developer program, it will be possible to submit dimensions and power requirements for non-standard battery casings, and these will be considered individually.

Edward Fitzpatrick, ILOCX Chief Executive, said “We anticipate 130,000 licenses will be issued in the next 3-year period. This will create a global footprint for the technology, massively assisted by using the art of collaboration and intelligent licenses. All licences are issued via smart contracts and hosted on a distributed ledger to allow for precise auditing of the development procedures.”

This will then be combined with the recharge process and payment system under the Power as a Service model (PaaS) which allows ConFlow and its development partners to make continuous revenue from the technology similar to the established software licensing and delivery model SaaS.

E-Getx Limited trading as ConFlow Power is offering non-exclusive developer licenses to any company which qualifies allowing them to develop battery casings for multiple sectors and end products that will sync well with the ConFlow Device. These include, but are not limited to, any device which has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi.

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