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Streetlights are a necessity and it is important to put in the hands of those who have been dealing with it for years with great ability. It requires a constant and safe flow of energy, but unexpected situations, human errors, natural disasters and plant breakdowns can compromise the continuity and the quality of supply. The solution is offered by ConFlow, a leading company in the development and production of public and residential lighting solutions and services. The ConFlow Lightning guarantee non-stop energy without any interruptions. Vital solutions from ConFlow streetlighting with varied forms of applications are moving boundaries.

Energy turnaround from Conflow

That energy would become an international currency is recognized by ConFlow Power specialists, so they doubled their efforts to make this world a better place. From now on, you can look at streetlighting with new eyes: ConFlow street lighting solutions are not the same as you knew it. They belong to the cities of the future. First of all, innovations from ConFlow lightning is powered by people. Operating based on improvement in order to achieve results more effectively, closer to the customer and more reliably. ConFlow is bringing diversity in all segments of street lighting and no wish is unfulfilled:

• Lowering operating costs

• Innovation

• Performance stability

• Reliability and constant power supply

Grasping the opportunity, ConFlow is bringing nanowire technology in street lighting energy storage systems which bring infinite energy, without any maintenance or replacing. Everything we always expected from portable energy storage is gathered in nanowire energy storage technology. Energy storage manufacturers have worked hard to increase battery capacity and bring all possible watts to the world, but they are still captured by limited battery features, such as depth of discharge, roundtrip efficiency and internal resistance. After several years of exploitation, conventional batteries are a no longer reliable source of energy and need to be replaced. Not to mention the mechanical damage that can be caused by improper use of batteries or external influences. This is often a very expensive option, especially with batteries that have many discharge cycles. Golden nanowire energy storage technology that is brought with ConFlow street lighting solutions is retrieving revolution to the market. Nanowire battery storage can be charged/discharged endlessly, and do not require replacement, which is why they are the only batteries that can be implemented as an integrated part of the product. Scientists have found a way to improve the portable energy storage using a gold nanowires in a manganese dioxide shell, in an electrolyte environment made of thick plexiglass. Laboratory tests have shown groundbreaking results: this technology can withstand more than 200,000 charges and discharges without losing its capacity. Energy storage with a longer lifespan is bringing cost-effectiveness on the table. When the main core is to protect and capture the power, reliable battery performance that will be counted on for the extended lifetime is the goal no one surpassed, until ConFlow’s streetlighting designers didn’t take a step forward. That’s the confidence needed in keeping the power on.

Potential without lobby

There are good reasons to bet on ConFlow streetlight technology. The smart city sector is clinging to its faith in a successful future, and with thriving ConFlow power solutions, the future is now. Varied industrial and residential implantations are possible, wherever there is a need for constant illumination supply, such as institutions and buildings of public importance, public, commercial and residential lighting, boats and yachts illumination, security systems, etc. Innovation and performance stability, monitoring and resilient communication system are already integrated into smart lighting systems, but so far, just ConFlow have joined secure, reliable and infinity power capacity to bring the light whenever is needed. As nanowire develops and new devices come to market, the modular, portable power market will change fundamentally.

Reliability or affordability? Why choose.

When technology meets design, the structure of projects becomes winning both in form and substance. ConFlow streetlighting products are coming from simple intuition. Provide energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting systems that are reliable and independent. To improve the basic conditions were ambitious enough. Whereas ConFlow Power Lightning provides a wider range of solutions, adding value to public or residential projects both on the aesthetic and on the functional point of view, humanity is poised for growth.

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